The material is not sticking to the garment.

Most of the time this is caused when there is not enough pressure while heat pressing. Please check the instructions for the particular material- each product has different instructions. Make sure to heat press the garment flat before pressing on the material to iron out any moisture or wrinkles.

Make sure that there are no seams underneath or beside where you are pressing your design. This will cause an uneven pressing surface and affect the quality of the adhesion. Also check the garment you’re pressing on- things like moisture wicking will affect adhesion. If you garment has moisture wicking or some sort of coating, you can help the material adhere better by blotting the area on the garment you’ll be pressing on with rubbing alcohol. 

If you have done everything correct- pressing at the correct time, temperature, pressure, and peeling at the right temperature- and are still experiencing this issue, here are a few simple steps:

• First, smooth the design back down. Repress for 50% of the original press time.

• Take a cloth and rub the carrier above the design for 5-7 seconds, especially around the edges.

• Peel off the carrier from a different corner when it has reached the specified peel temperature.