GlitterFlex® Printable™

GlitterFlex® Printable™ is a printable glitter material that offers high-quality prints with a shimmering finish!

GlitterFlex® Printable™ is designed for use with all Solvent/Eco-Solvent inks. It has real polyester holographic glitter particles. This product can be sublimated, embroidered, or sublimated then embroidered.

Product Photos

Application Instructions

Applies to: Cotton, Uncoated Polyester, Fabric Blends, Wool, Linen Excluding Nylon

Blade – 60°

Print & Cut – Right reading

Transfer Material – For Solvent PrintingHFIX-FLCK to transfer image to garment. Sublimation– Do not use mask. Use solid designs and press with Teflon sheet.

Temp – 330°-335° F

Pressure – Firm, even. Use Teflon Sheet.

Time – 15 seconds

Peel – Warm, use Teflon and re-press for 2 seconds

Care – Wash inside out, gentle, cold water. Tumble dry low.

Tech Info

Color Palette Download

Includes palettes for GlitterFlex II, GlitterFlex Printable, GlitterFlex Ultra, GlitterFlex Ultra Perf, and Pressure Sensitive GlitterFlex Ultra.

Product Colors

  • Silver GFLXP-201
  • Light Gold GFLXP-223
  • Rainbow Opaque White GFLXP-251
  • Neon Yellow GFLXP-280
  • Neon Green GFLXP-281
  • Neon Pink GFLXP-282
  • Neon Blue GFLXP-286
  • DH White GFLXP-287