Some people are meant to stand out- for those people, we have patterns galore! Browse our patterned products and give your design a bold feel!

Wild Fashion Prints™

Wild Fashion Prints™ is a preprinted HTV in popular patterns that add a fun element to your custom design. You can use Wild Fashion Prints™


FashionFlex® is preprinted HTV in popular patterns that add imaginative fun and character to your custom designs. Carbon Fiber, Silver and Red Snake, Manta Ray

Banner image for ThermoFlex Fashion Patterns showing 7 patterns

ThermoFlex® Fashion Patterns

Cut. Weed. Grab ThermoFlex® Fashion Patterns for all your patterned HTV needs! Cut. Weed. Press.™ These patterns are vibrant, easy to cut and weed, and

Textured Carbon Fiber

Make your designs more dynamic- try Textured Carbon Fiber!  Textured Carbon Fiber is a product that has the look and feel of real carbon fiber.