Flocking Sheets


20” x 14” sheets only
(Packs of 5 per color)

Sheets of flock made for use with an adhesive material like HotMelt™
• Get fine detail by cutting HotMelt™ first then applying Flocking Sheets
• Soft, velvety flock

Looking to add a flock feel to your shirts? Check out Flocking Sheets! Flocking Sheets add a 3D Flock effect to HotMelt™ or screen print adhesive. Get ready for fuzzy, high-quality, viscose flock with a soft, velvety feel!

This Flocking is part of a two-step process that requires laying down an adhesive product first before adhering.

We have a plotter-cut adhesive that these Reflective Sheets are compatible with: HotMelt.

Application Instructions


If you’re using this product for the first time or trying a new garment, it’s always best to test on an inconspicuous area or spare garment before applying final production.

For Hotmelt

BLADE – 45°, very low pressure
CUT ORIENTATION – Mirror image, smooth side down
TEMP – 300° F
PRESSURE – Medium, even
TIME – 5 seconds
PEEL – Warm, almost hot

for Flocking Sheets

PRESSURE – Place Flocking Sheet over Hotmelt, cover with PTFE Sheet, and press for 10 seconds. Rub with cloth, let cool, then peel.

CARE – Wash inside out, gentle cycle, cold water, line dry. Do not dry clean.

Tech Info

Tech PDF includes product thickness, roll sizing, and other technical information

Product Colors

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