Add a fun 3D look to any design with FashionFlex® Puff!

FashionFlex® Puff is a puff product line available in 28 colors- the most puff colors in the industry! This is super easy to use as you only need to press once to get that puff effect. It’s easy to weed and its pressure-sensitive carrier allows for easy repositioning.

PLEASE NOTE: Instructions can vary by color, please see the instructions on the inside of your roll.

Product Colors

Mouse over the swatches for product name and number!

Cut Settings

PLEASE NOTE: Every blade and machine is a little bit different- always remember to test cut! These cut settings are a starting point to be adjusted to your blade and machine.


  • Material: Iron-On
  • Pressure: Default
  • Blade: Fine-Point Blade


  • Material: Heat Transfer, Smooth
  • Blade:  3
  • Speed:  8
  • Force:  10


  • Speed: 8
  • Force: 18

We use a 45° blade.

Tech Info

Tech PDF includes product thickness, roll sizing, and other technical information

Application Instructions

Please note: pressing instructions can vary by color. Please see the instructions inside your roll.

Blade – 45°
Cut – Mirror image
Temp – White & Silver: 290°F
Lilac, Pink & Neons: 275°F
All others: 305°F
Pressure – Medium, even
Time – 8-15 seconds *start at 8, if more time is needed, press for an additional 4 seconds (time/temp varies per color, use the settings that came on your roll)
Peel – Hot, remove carrier and/or transfer sheet immediately
Care – Wash inside out, cold water, gentle cycle, tumble dry low.
Layerable? – No
Applies to: Cotton, Uncoated Polyester, Fabric Blends, Polyester/Acrylic, and Similar Fabrics
This product cannot be used on nylon.
Clear plastic side needs to be face down while cutting. Peel up a corner of the carrier to determine this before cutting. Carrier can be shiny or matte depending on batch.