Dimension™ is a brand new heat transfer vinyl line for 2018! This product adds depth to your designs.

Dimension™ is very thick, averaging at 23-24 mils/500 microns. This gives it a 3D look that really stands out.

It is available in White & Black, with more colors coming at the end of the year.

Product Photos

Application Instructions

Blade – 60° with high pressure

Cut – Mirror image

Temp – 320° F

Pressure – Medium, even

Time – 25 seconds

Peel – Cold

Care – Wash inside out, cold water. Hang to dry. Do not dry-clean or tumble dry.

Applies to: Cotton, Uncoated Polyester, Cotton/Poly blends, and Polyester/Acrylic Excluding Nylon

Special Precautions: We do not recommend cutting fine detailed designs with this product.

Product Colors

  • White DIM-001
  • Black DIM-002

Tech Info