Use Reflection Decoration™ for nighttime visibility and brilliance in the spotlight. These films consist of very small glass beads embedded in a layer of polyester film to reflect almost all the light that shines on them. The RD Series has a slightly sticky carrier.

*Please note: For certified safety colors, please go to our Reflection Protection page HERE.

Application Instructions for RD-300 Series & Chameleon Reflective Black

Applies to: Cotton, Uncoated Polyester, Fabric Blends, Lycra, Wool, Linen Excluding Nylon

Blade – 45°

Cut – Mirror image

Temp – 300° F

Pressure – Firm, even

Time – 8 seconds

Peel – Hot! (Approx 2-3 seconds)

Care – Wash inside out. Warm water, normal cycle. Tumble dry low heat. Do not dry clean or steam clean. No bleach. Do not iron directly onto the reflective vinyl.

Application Instructions for RMSK & RD-200 Series

Remember to remove heat liner before plotting!

Blade – 60°, slow cutting speed

Cut – Mirror image

Temp – 320° F

Pressure – Firm, even

Time – Pre-press garment for 5 seconds, then press material for 3-5 seconds

Peel – Warm, cover with Teflon and re-press for 10-15 seconds, let cool then remove Teflon

Care – Wash inside out. Warm water, gentle cycle. Tumble dry low heat. Dry-cleaning ok.

Product Colors

  • Magenta RMSK-506
  • Blue RMSK-2002
  • Mustard Yellow RMSK-2003
  • Green RMSK-2004
  • Black RMSK-2005
  • Chameleon Black Reflective RMSK-12005H
  • Royal Blue RD-202
  • Golden Yellow RD-203
  • Dark Green RD-204
  • Gold RD-207
  • Cobalt Blue RD-208
  • Reflective Frosty Clear RD-2020
  • Silver RD-300
  • Tomato Red RD-301
  • Royal Blue RD-302
  • Dark Yellow RD-303
  • Green RD-304
  • Black RD-305
  • White RD-306
  • Gold RD-307
  • Grey RD-309
  • Neon Yellow RD-310
  • Neon Red RD-311
  • Neon Green RD-312
  • Neon Orange RD-313
  • Neon Pink RD-314