Subli-Print Thin


Size (in.):
8.5″ x 11″ ” | Packs: 10 and 50 Packs

Size (in.):
11″ x 16″ | Packs: 25 Pack


8.67 mils/220 microns

Print directly onto Subli-Print® Thin- no sublimation paper needed
• Matte white sublimation material
• Works well on both light and dark garments
• Cut using a plotter and registration marks or by hand with scissors

Skip the sublimation paper with Subli-Print® Thin! You can print directly onto Subli-Print® Thin with your sheet-fed sublimation printers such as Sawgrass or Ricoh. Just print, cut, and press!

Subli-Print® Thin is a matte white vinyl that gives you a quick and easy solution to creating colorful designs. You can either cut using a plotter and registration marks or simply cut it yourself with scissors! Subli-Print® Thin is perfect for both light and dark colored cotton, uncoated polyester, or cotton/poly blend garments. It also presses quickly and at a lower temp than most sublimation products- 311° F for 15 seconds!

Application Instructions


If you’re using this product for the first time or trying a new garment, it’s always best to test on an inconspicuous area or spare garment before applying final production.

PRINT & CUT – Right reading. Trim excess white from design with cutter or scissors
TEMP – 311° F
PRESSURE – Medium, even
TIME – 15 seconds
PEEL – Warm
CARE – Wait 24 hrs before first wash. Wash inside out with mild detergent, gentle cycle, cold water, tumble dry. No bleach or other harsh cleaners. Not suitable for dry-cleaning.
Not compatible with latex, inkjet, or laser printers. For use with sublimation printers only.

Tech Info

Tech PDF includes product thickness, roll sizing, and other technical information

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