This fun assortment of films gives you endless possibilities from patterns, metallics, glitters, and glows, we have the materials to keep up with the trends of today.


DecoFlock® Economy

Our DecoFlock® Economy is similar to our premium line at a more economical price. Fantastic soft flock on a budget! DecoFlock® Economy creates a three-dimensional


Premium DecoFlock®

Premium DecoFlock® provides a three-dimensional look and the feel of soft velvet. Premium DecoFlock® is a lower cost alternative to embroidery. It creates a distinctive look


DecoFlock® Premium Plus

DecoFlock® Premium Plus provides the 3-D look and feel of soft velvet. It has excellent cutting and weeding properties and has great wash resistance. Add


GlitterFlex® Ultra

GlitterFlex® Ultra is a stunning glitter HTV that is in very high demand.  It is one of our most popular products! With its easy-to-use sticky


GlitterFlex® Ultra Perf

GlitterFlex® Ultra Perf is unique, perforated glitter heat transfer vinyl with 2 mm holes that feels lighter and adds breathability to larger designs. This material


Pressure Sensitive GlitterFlex® Ultra

Say hello to Pressure Sensitive GlitterFlex® Ultra! Get the same great look of the GlitterFlex® Ultra without using a heat press.  This pressure sensitive sticker


Embroidery Glitter™

If you love embroidery then you need Embroidery Glitter™! This is a high quality embroidery appliqué with the same great look of the GlitterFlex® Ultra.


Wild Fashion Prints™

Wild Fashion Prints™ is a preprinted HTV in popular patterns that add a fun element to your custom design. You can use Wild Fashion Prints™

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