DecoFlock® Premium Plus provides the 3-dimensional look and feel of soft velvet. It has excellent cutting and weeding properties and has great wash resistance. Add perceived value to logos, numbers, lettering, and fashion designs.

Product Photos

Application Instructions

Blade – 60°

Cut – Mirror image

Temp – 320° F

Pressure – Low to medium, even.

Time – 15 seconds

Peel – Warm

Care – Can be washed and dried at medium temps. Dry-cleaning OK.

Applies to: Cotton, Uncoated Polyester, Acrylic, Fabric Blends, and similar fabrics Excluding Nylon

Color Palette Download

Includes palettes for DecoFlock Economy, DecoFlock Premium, and DecoFlock Premium Plus.

Product Colors

  • White DFPP-001
  • Light Yellow DFPP-100
  • Yellow DFPP-110
  • Orange DFPP-180
  • Red DFPP-200
  • Signal Red DFPP-210
  • Magenta DFPP-250
  • Maroon DFPP-270
  • Blue DFPP-300
  • Ice Blue DFPP-310
  • Sky Blue DFPP-320
  • Green DFPP-400
  • Light Brown DFPP-530
  • Dark Brown DFPP-550
  • Black DFPP-700
  • Grey DFPP-730
  • Anthracite DFPP-780
  • Neon Yellow DFPPN-101
  • Neon Red DFPPN-201
  • Neon Pink DFPPN-241
  • Neon Green DFPPN-401

Tech Info