Dimension 2


Available Widths (in.):
19.5” only

Available Lengths (ft.):
10’, 20’, and 30’ rolls


Varies per color:
29.5 mils/750 microns +/- 10%

Extremely thick HTV
• Adds extra importance to your designs and logos
• Wide variety of colors

Make your designs stand out with Dimension™ 2!

Dimension™ 2 is similar to the original Dimension™, but includes neon and metallic colors. Dimension™ 2 is very thick. This thickness adds a 3D look and feel to your designs. Are you ready to take your designs to the next dimension?

LASER compatible

Application Instructions


If you’re using this product for the first time or trying a new garment, it’s always best to test on an inconspicuous area or spare garment before applying final production.

BLADE – 60° with high pressure *may need to cut twice
CUT ORIENTATION – Mirror image
TEMP – 300° F
PRESSURE – Medium, even
TIME – 5 seconds
PEEL – Warm then turn garment inside-out and re-press for 20 seconds
CARE – Wash inside-out, warm water, hang to dry. NOT suitable for dry-cleaning or tumble drying.
LAYERABLE? – Top layer only

Special Precautions: We do not recommend cutting fine details with this product.

Tech Info

Tech PDF includes product thickness, roll sizing, and other technical information

Cut Settings

PLEASE NOTE: Every blade and machine is a little bit different- always remember to test cut! These cut settings are a starting point to be adjusted to your blade and machine.


  • Feed material in without cutting mat
  • Material: Light Cardstock
  • Pressure: Default
  • Blade: Fine-Point Blade


  • Material:  Heat Transfer, Flock
  • Blade:  4
  • Speed:  8
  • Force:  33


  • Make sure the blade is extended out far enough to cut through material
  • Speed: 8
  • Force: 30

We use a 60° blade.

Product Colors

Mouse over the swatches for product name and number!

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