Textured Carbon Fiber

Introducing an exciting new product that has the look and feel of real carbon fiber. It is gravure-printed to add dimension to your designs. It comes on a sticky carrier, which enables easy weeding and re-positioning. Application Instructions Applies to: Cotton, Uncoated Polyester, Fabric Blends, Lycra, Wool, Linen Excluding Nylon Blade – 45° Cut – Mirror image Temp – 325° … Continue reading Textured Carbon Fiber

DecoFilm® Brilliant Chameleon

 Add perceived value to your fashion designs with the brilliant accent of precious metals. These beautiful colors give an iridescent shimmer that changes effects based on different garment colors. You can use this and other fashion lines to accentuate your designs. DecoFilm® Brilliant Chameleon products all give a metal foil appearance. The “Brilliant” styles offer a … Continue reading DecoFilm® Brilliant Chameleon

ThermoFlex® Fashion Patterns

Please welcome – our newest line of patterned vinyl, ThermoFlex® Fashion Patterns! These patterns are vibrant, easy to cut and weed, and have a slight stretch and rebound – just like our ThermoFlex® Plus. Use ThermoFlex® Fashion Patterns to instantly create vibrant designs with just one material! It comes on a pressure-sensitive carrier for easy weeding. Sizing … Continue reading ThermoFlex® Fashion Patterns

Flocking Sheets

Available in 20″x 14″ sheets only (Packs of 5 per color) Add a 3D Flock effect to Hotmelt or Screen print adhesive Fuzzy, high-quality, viscose flock with a soft, velvety feel This Flocking is part of a two-step process that requires laying down an adhesive product first before adhering. We have two different kinds of … Continue reading Flocking Sheets

Reflection Protection™

Use Reflection Protection™ for nighttime visibility and brilliance in the spotlight! Reflection Protection™ films consist of very small glass beads embedded in a layer of polyester film to reflect almost all the light that shines on them. Reflection Protection™ is available in Certified Safety Reflective Colors, our Safety Silver collection. Safety Silver retro-reflective film produces … Continue reading Reflection Protection™