This fun assortment of films gives you endless possibilities from patterns, metallics, glitters, and glows, we have the materials to keep up with the trends of today.


ThermoFlex® Fashion Patterns

Cut. Weed. Grab ThermoFlex® Fashion Patterns for all your patterned HTV needs! Cut. Weed. Press.™ These patterns are vibrant, easy to cut and weed, and


DecoFilm® Brilliant Chameleon

Get ready for a completely world changing product- DecoFilm® Brilliant Chameleon! This beautiful product gives off an iridescent shimmer with a stunning color shift. The


GlitterFlex® Light

When you need a thin glitter HTV, reach for GlitterFlex® Light! This glitter HTV is thin, smooth, and easy to cut and weed. It shines


GlitterFlex® Premium

When you need a fantastic sparkle that’s smooth to the touch, you need GlitterFlex® Premium! GlitterFlex® Premium is a very bright and shimmery glitter. It contains


Rhinestone Flock

Save money by cutting your own rhinestone templates with Rhinestone Flock! This is a self-adhesive, velvety material perfect for cutting rhinestone templates with any craft


Textured Carbon Fiber

Make your designs more dynamic- try Textured Carbon Fiber! Textured Carbon Fiber is a product that has the look and feel of real carbon fiber.

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