Check out the pressure sensitive vinyl Specialty Materials has to offer!

What can you expect from SpecialtyPSV™?

Easy to Use

SpecialtyPSV™ is easy to cut, weed, mask, and apply.

Vast Spectrum of Material

Over 100 colors between our seven different finishes! SpecialtyPSV™ is not just gorgeous but varied.

High Quality

Like everything you've come to expect from Specialty Materials, SpecialtyPSV™ is a fantastic, high quality material.

Available in Sheets

SpecialtyPSV™ comes in 12"x15" sheets- you can buy singles or a pack of 10.

Offered in Fifteen Different Finishes!

A sign showing the Specialty Materials logo made with SpecialtyPSV™ Reflective in daylight and in the dark with a light being shone on it.

Reflective PSV

Reflects direct light, perfect for high visibility at night

Glow in the Dark PSV

Glow in the dark material with a bright green glow

A board that had been painted using SpecialtyPSV™ Stencil.

Stencil PSV

Create easy to use stencils for all of your craft projects

Craft Vinyl

Solid colors with a permanent adhesive now available in both sheets and rolls

Matte Removable

Solid colors with a temporary adhesive now available in both sheets and rolls

Color Changing

Special effect vinyl that adjusts colors when the temperature shifts

Ultra Metallic Opaque

A smooth, opaque glitter

Polished Metal

A bright, shiny metallic film


Looks like etched glass without the need for harsh chemicals


Turn your smooth surfaces into a blackboard

Transparent Glitter

A smooth, transparent glitter


An iridescent shimmer with a color shift

A close up picture of Gold Chrome


Add a highly polished metallic look to any design

A close up of Bubble Silver Holographic


A multi-dimensional finish that looks different at every angle

A close up of Red Tapestry Textured


Add the look of Wood Grain, Tapestry, Brush Stroke, or Linen

Ready to embrace the future of crafting?

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