Specialty Materials to Reopen Warehouses with a Skeleton Crew


Hello everyone- Specialty Materials will be able to reopen our warehouses with a skeleton crew! As we are a seller of essential items (in particular our Reflective materials- Reflection Protection is a certified safety reflective material) we are reopening our doors.

Our hours have also changed- for the time being, we are open 10 AM-3 PM Central. We continue to place your health and our employee’s health as a top priority- those working with us have not been exposed to COVID-19 and we are still carefully sanitizing our workspaces. We also remain committed to giving our employees 2 weeks leave, fully paid to recover if they do happen to catch the virus. We are exercising caution in these times to make sure everyone is healthy and happy.

Our employees and our customers mean the world to us and we’re excited to be back to operating at a higher capacity. Stay healthy everyone and love what you press!


Previous Statement:

Hello everyone- in accordance with the Oklahoma government, Specialty Materials will be ceasing work at our warehouses for 21 days starting Thursday, March 26th. We will still have some of our employees working from home.

Our owner, David Saunders, will be monitoring all emails and will fulfill as many orders as possible. If you are unable to contact anyone you can call him on his cell at 918-605-9176. He can also answer technical questions. Any pick ups would have to be from the main warehouse at 5233-B S 122nd East Avenue. As it is a secure facility please call ahead.

This is an unprecedented time and we hope to come back from this to a healthier and stronger Oklahoma. Our employees will be taken care of during this time. Even after the mandatory quarantine is over, please know we are taking COVID-19 very seriously- your health and our employees’ health is a top priority to us. If any employee is sick, they have 2 weeks leave, fully paid to recover, and we carefully sanitize our warehouses.

Our social media will still be monitored during this time as well- if you have further questions feel free to ask us there!

We thank everyone for your support in our company and we’ll be back to 100% as soon as this quarantine is over.

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