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A bee painted onto ThermoFlex® Color Up and pressed onto a shirt
ThermoFlex® Color Up Logo

Heat-sealable, paintable and printable Polyurethane vinyl (white) suitable for application and creative design on bright and dark textiles.

Print: ThermoFlex® Color Up can be printed with all current inkjet and laser printers. The vinyl offers excellent planarity with improved printing, due to lamination of a self-adhesive PET-Film on the hotmelt side.

Grab ThermoFlex® Fashion Patterns for all your patterned HTV needs! Cut. Weed. Press.™

These patterns are vibrant, easy to cut and weed, and have a slight stretch and rebound – just like our ThermoFlex® Plus. Use ThermoFlex® Fashion Patterns to instantly create vibrant designs with just one material!

We have 13 all-new patterns, check them out!

A shirt that reads "piece out" made with Jigsaw Multicolor ThermoFlex® Fashion Patterns and Black ThermoFlex® Plus
A unicorn design done in Lilac FashionFlex® Puff

FashionFlex® Puff is adding 8 all-new colors bringing it up to 28 colors- the most puff colors in the industry!

FashionFlex® Puff is a puff HTV that is super easy to use as you only need to press once to get that puff effect. It’s easy to weed and its pressure-sensitive carrier allows for easy repositioning.

DecoFilm® Brilliant Chameleon is adding seven brand new colors- our Neon Rainbows! 

Get that color shift you love on our all-new Neon Rainbow colors. These colors look stunning at any angle!

A detailed lion made with Neon Rainbow Orange DecoFilm® Brilliant Chameleon
The words "good vibes" on a tie dye background sublimated onto SubliFlex®

A brand new sublimation solution!

A matte thermo transfer film with a polyester backing. Available in four colors: Glitter Silver, Glitter Clear, Glitter White, and Smooth White. The Glitter Silver, Glitter White, and Smooth White can be printed on directly- no sublimation paper required! Don’t limit yourself to just white polyester garments- SubliFlex® also works on cotton and even dark garments!

SpecialtyPSV Fashion Patterns

Need a patterned sticker vinyl with incredible durability? Check out SpecialtyPSV™ Fashion Patterns!

SpecialtyPSV™ Fashion Patterns gives you over 40 patterns of durable sticker vinyl! SpecialtyPSV™ is a pressure-sensitive vinyl for use on most clean, dry, hard surfaces. The patterns are vibrant and make any project more exciting!

We’re adding 7 new patterns, perfect for summer and the 4th of July!

A condiment holder made of wood holding cups and cutlery with the USA and the words "The Smiths" in American Stars SpecialtyPSV™ Fashion Patterns

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