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Is it metallic, glitter, or chameleon? Get ALL three amazing finishes in one with DecoFilm® Glitter Chameleon!

The color shift is very pronounced and highlighted by glitter flakes in the HTV. Easy to cut and weed with a pressure-sensitive carrier that allows for easy weeding and repositioning.

Give your designs a polished look with DecoFilm® Gloss!

This eco-friendly polyurethane film will give you a luxurious shine. It is smooth, durable, and easy to weed. Achieve fine-detailed designs in a flash!

Need a patterned sticker vinyl with incredible durability? Look no further than SpecialtyPSV™ Fashion Patterns!

SpecialtyPSV™ Fashion Patterns gives you over 34 patterns of durable sticker vinyl! SpecialtyPSV™ is a pressure-sensitive vinyl for use on most clean, dry, hard surfaces. The patterns are vibrant and make any project more exciting!

Heat it up with FashionFlex® Heat Sensitive!

FashionFlex® Heat Sensitive is a brand new heat sensitive product line available in 6 colors. All colors change to white when exposed to heat, like when you touch it with your hand!

Show off in the sunlight with FashionFlex® Light Sensitive!

FashionFlex® Light Sensitive is a brand new UV/sunlight sensitive product line available in 4 colors. All colors start off white then turn color when exposed to the sun!

We’re adding 6 new colors to our LuminousFlex™! These colors are soft to the touch with an amazing glow-in-the-dark look when the lights go off.

Skeleton design using Neon LuminousFlex showing before and after glow

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