Revise Product Process

Step 1

Complete Form

Revise Product

If printed, what is the total page count, including the cover (front and back)? Is the page count evenly divisible by 4?
NOTE: Any image less than 300dpi will produce a low-quality image. Images greater than 300dpi only increase file size without increasing the image’s quality. Images of 72dpi are ONLY to be used for the web and should never be used for print. All print images need to be in CMYK format. All electronic document images should be RGB.
Proofing: All projects, no matter the size, must be spell checked, read, and visually proofed. There are no exceptions. This will ensure catching miss used words that spell checking may bypass. Grammar and sentence structure will also be double-checked after visual inspection by Grammarly and then final check by JD.