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A Specialty Materials building during Christmas- there is a Christmas tree in the window

We are Specialty Materials, the leading provider of plotter cut films and digitally printable media used for heat transfer textile decoration.

We’ve been providing the best in garment decoration since 1998 and haven’t stopped since! Our headquarters and primary warehouse is centrally located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

We’re proud to offer dependable and beautiful garment decoration products. We’re known for our popular heat transfer vinyl products like ThermoFlex® Plus, GlitterFlex® Ultra, and DecoFilm® Soft Metallics. We have the widest selection of heat transfer films on the market, offering over 50 different product lines. We provide a vast selection of colors and patterns to fit every type of apparel decoration need.

Regardless of what kind of garment you are looking to embellish, we have the most innovative materials and the widest selection in the market. With products likes these, you can’t help but stand out!

Take a look at a small sampling of all we have to offer!

Our products are for everyone- our plotter cut films and digitally printable media can be used for just about everything! You can heat apply numbering, lettering, graphic designs, and images to most textiles. Sign makers, screen printers, advertisers, event planners, fashion designers, emergency responders, sporting goods stores, schools, organizations and athletic leagues- people from all walks of life choose Specialty Materials for our outstanding quality films, customer support, and competitive pricing.

We thank our many thousands of loyal users who continue to choose the Specialty Materials brand. Thank you for recognizing that our unrivaled product quality, reliability, soft hand and ease-of-use comes with respectful and responsive customer service, training, and helpful support. We never forget that our continuing success depends on yours.

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