Introducing an amazing new product, Reflectra®!  Available as both a plotter-cut (Plotfoil) and an embroidery appliqué (Stitchfoil) heat transfer material in 23 different patterns and 17 solid colors, including neon and a frosty clear (Sensation Translucent).  No matter how dark the color is in natural light, the entire design lights up bright white when hit with the flash of a camera, flashlight, or headlights.

**Due to the cost of the material, we are unable to provide sample sheets.

**Download a PDF of our color cards HERE.

Customers often ask us what’s the best way to use Reflectra® and what exactly can be achieved using Reflectra® products.  To show you the various possibilities and combinations that Reflectra® offers, please watch the videos below for application examples.

Product Photos

Tech Info

Reflectra Plotfoil

Download manufacturer’s technical data sheet HERE

Reflectra Stitchfoil

Download manufacturer’s technical data sheet HERE

Product Colors

  • Black/Gold Scratch
  • Black/Silver Scratch
  • Red/Silver Scratch
  • Royal/Silver Scratch
  • Pink/Silver Scratch
  • Purple/Silver Scratch
  • Gold/Gold Scratch
  • Silver/Silver Scratch
  • Sensation/Silver Scratch
  • Neon Red/Silver Scratch
  • Neon Blue/Silver Scratch
  • Neon Green/Silver Scratch
  • Neon Orange/Silver Scratch
  • Neon Yellow/Silver Scratch
  • Black/Gold Stone
  • Black/Silver Stone
  • Red/Silver Stone
  • Royal/Silver Stone
  • Pink/Silver Stone
  • Purple/Silver Stone
  • Gold/Gold Stone
  • Silver/Silver Stone
  • Black Star
  • Red Star
  • Green Star
  • Royal Blue Star
  • Pink Star
  • White Star
  • Orange Star
  • Yellow Star
  • Silver Star
  • Gold Star
  • Sensation Star
  • Neon Red Star
  • Neon Blue Star
  • Neon Pink Star
  • Neon Green Star
  • Neon Orange Star
  • Neon Yellow Star