Faux Rhinestone Tutorials Available! - Dec 21

Faux Rhinestone Tutorials!

Bling has entered the heat transfer vinyl market!  We have been testing and experimenting with the bling look over the past year with great success. Using heat transfer materials, like our DecoSparkle, in place of rhinestones, and without having to use a flock rhinestone template material and transfer mask, is an easy and cost effective way to get the rhinestone look. 

The multi-dimensional sparkle gives the impression of 3D rhinestones. The t-shirts using this technique have garnered a great deal of attention in our trade show booth over the last year.  People were shocked and amazed that it was actually a flat heat transfer vinyl, rather than bulky rhinestones.

Now, just before Christmas, we are sharing our tutorials on how to make your own faux rhinestone look.  Click here to download the tutorial for Corel Draw X5, which shows how to do it with a simple outline shape and how to make a complex shape to fill with rhinestone dots. 

There are two tutorials for Illustrator CS6.  Click here to download the tutorial on how to make a simple outline shape or click here to download the tutorial on how to make a filled shape.


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