CL Dark Premium Laser Paper

CL Dark Premium is designed to be applied to black and dark colored fabrics. Developed to run through both Oil and Non-oil color laser copiers and printers, this transfer paper offers a thin, extremely soft transfer without compromising opacity or wash fastness.
As a one-step transfer paper for dark, you can either trim the image by hand or use a cutter with an optical eye. CL Dark Premium withstands repeated wash and dry cycles with no deterioration of image quality!

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CL Dark Premium


Application Instructions
Adheres to cotton, uncoated polyester, fabric blends, satin

No nylon, dazzle cloth, shiny polyester, or moisture-wicking fabrics. Be advised that dye migration has occurred with low energy dyes in polyester and poly-blend fabrics.  Make sure that the print is thoroughly dry before pressing. This product has an indefinite shelf life when stored at room temperature. Keep away from direct heat, sunlight, and humidity.